M.I.A Missing in Action Game Download

M.I.A Missing in Action Game

Free download M.I.A Missing in Action game for PC. It is a light and simple 2D action-arcade game for mame32 emulator that can be played easily on every computer. In this era of advanced technology, the games are normally coming in high quality graphics and effects that require higher system specifications. So the earlier systems do not support these games. But Mame32 is such an emulator for the games that does not require special specifications. Every computer supports these games and run with no problem. However, the graphics quality of these games is really lower than of modern games but these games entertain enough to play.

 M.I.A (Missing in Action) is two-dimensional game that can be played in single or multi player modes. The player is a soldier fighting against the soldiers of the enemy. In the starting, the player has only a knife to kill the enemies, but later, he may use the weapons by killing the enemies who have weapons. As the game starts it tells the story about the mission of the player and the objectives of the mission too.mia-mission-in-action-screenshot-download

M.I.A is quite easy to play if you know the action keys. The player may set a coin by pressing “5” on keyboard and the game will start after pressing “1” for the player1 and “2” for the player2. The movement of the player is controlled by the arrow keys of keyboard i.e. Right Arrow for going forward, Left Arrow for going backward, Up for the jump and Down for laying down. The player can also crawl by pressing Down+Right or Down+Left Arrow keys. In action keys, left Ctrl and left Alt are used. Ctrl is used to attack with the knife while Alt allows using the weapon if the player has it.

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So, it is a light, simple and action 2d game that can be played without any irritating and annoying “system requirements”. You just need to download and extract the zipped folder. Keep visiting PCFAVOUR for more games and applications.

How to play this game?

Download the compressed file and extract it. Double click on file “Mame32plus”. Now select the game “M.I.A Missing in Action” in menu and make a double click on it. Game will start now press OK and then press Enter. You are now ready to play the game.

To set the game controls, press “Tab” button from keyboard and select “Input (this game)”. Now you can check the game play buttons e.g. insert coins for player 1, player 2 etc and button 1, button 2 and button 3 accordingly. By default, you have to press 5 button to insert the coin and 1 button to start with player 1. (Review by pcfavour)

19.78 MB.

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