Midtown Madness 2 Game

Midtown Madness 2 Game

Free download Midtown Madness 2 game for PC. It is a light weight car racing game. The game was developed by Microsoft Corporation at the start of this century. Midtown Madness 2 is very easy to install a take very short time to complete installation.

Midtown-Madness-2-screenshotThe game play of Midtown Madness 2 is also very easy. You can see the game control from the options in main menu. The main menu has Crash Course, Races, Multiplayer and Quick Race menu. Crash course will take you to the driving school from where you can learn driving with the help of stunt. The trial version has only SF Stunt Drive mode. The other mode is London Cabbie which is not available for trial. In SF Stunt Drive mode, you have 22 seconds only to complete the stunt. The way has three check points those will take you to the jumping slide. Your car speed must be high to jump and reach the ship in the sea where you will find the fourth and last check point. When you will reach it, you will pass the test.

Races have three main modes enables which are Cruise, Blitz and Checkpoint. In Cruise mode you are free to drive in the city of San Francisco. In trial game, the map is limited. You can drive within the highlighted area of the map. All other map is closed with hurdles. You have a specific time to drive in Cruise mode after that the mode will end and you are at the game menu. Blitz mode has a lot of check points. You have to reach the next check point before the end of the time. There is a little traffic in this mode and you have to escape the traffic to complete the race. Blitz mode has only one race “Wrong Way”.

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In Checkpoint you have to complete the race passing all check points. But in this race you also have some opponents. Try and see that can you win the race. Checkpoint mode has also the only race with the name “Racing 101”. This race ends at the start of Golden Gate Bridge. Start the race and see the difference of time as compared to your opponents.

There are only two vehicles in this trial game, Mini Cooper Classic and Ford Mustang Fastback. You can change the color and select any of your choice. The graphics of the game are not so bad. (Review by pcfavour)

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