Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Board Game

Download free Monopoly Board Gameit is very interesting game. You have to roll the dices and according to the numbers your player moves, if it stops at empty place, you can buy it.

Monopoly Board Game ScreenshotTake a ride around the world’s most popular board in this fantastic version for everyone to enjoy. Ride the Reading Railroad, build a house on Baltic Avenue, or buy the whole neighborhood, including public services.

You can choose your own player of your choice in the form of sho, ship, iron etc. As wheel and deal your way to the top you will Pass GO, take a chance or head on the chest of the Community. Remember to stay out of jail. Ready to buy everything?

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Prove your skills as the top negotiator on up to three levels of difficulty. Use bright animated tokens given 3-D. And with customizable “House Rules”, you will be able to change the challenge as you want. Give it a try, as it is their turn to get rich!

At start you have own $1500. You have to defeat your opponent by zeroing his balance. Try it and Enjoy.

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