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New Super Mario Forever Game Download

Download New Super Mario Forever 2015 game for PC. It is newly developed game for Mario game fans. The game New Super Mario Forever 2012 has amazingly outstanding graphics as compared to old Mario game. The installation process of New Super Mario Forever 2012 will take less time and very simple. This game is developed by After installation, the game will start automatically. This game can be played in window mode. When the game starts, you have to select your language first so that you can understand the game menus and guideline during the game.

New-Super-Mario-Forever-2012-screenshotThe menu of game has five menus. First one is Start Game; this menu will take you to the gameplay. The second menu is Edit Levels. This option will available soon in new version of Mario game. The third menu is Options, as you know well that you can select a variety of game options from this menu. There are three sub menus of Options menu which are Graphics Options, Sound Options and Control Options. You can change the options using left or right arrow keys. For example, if you want to play this game in full screen mode, then select the option “Screen Mode Window” and then press left or right arrow key, the game will change to full screen mode immediately. From sound options, you can increase or decrease music volume and sound volume using left or right arrow keys. If you want to change game controller keys, then you can change any by pressing enter button.

When you start the game, you will find Mario in front of 3 slots named Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3. You can enter any of slot using down arrow key. There are two default action keys in this game which are Z and X. Z key is used for jumping while X is used to fire (Fire will work only if your Mario is converted to second step). When you enter the slot, a messenger will come to you with a letter from Princess Peach. Now you are ready to play Mario game.

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There are two more options in menu which are Quit and Classic Mario Forever. As you know, Quit option will close the game while Classic Mario Forever will take you to Mario Forever 3 game. (Review by pcfavour)

79 MB.


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