Racers VS Police Game Download

Racers VS Police Game

Download Racers VS Police Game for free. Racers VS Police is a three dimensional game for PC or Laptops. Do you love to drive sports cars? Do you want to become a good sports car racer? If yes, then you should try Racer VS Police.  It’s a simple 3D game having beautiful graphics. Various games related to car racing are available, but its night mode makes it different from other games.

racers-vs-policeYou as being car racer have to defeat police cars while passing through the different dark streets in the game. One of its best features is various cities and locations within the city are available to play. You can also choose different kind of models of car, but it is possible as you pass levels of the games.  As being a good racer your car should not hit with the walls of the streets. If you do so, your cars can be damaged and performance of the car can be affected. If want to pass the current level of the game, you must have to conquer the police cars.

Although it has variety of features, locations and cars, Racer VS Police has small size. It is easy to play and so much light for your RAM and Processor.  There is no need of large computer specification for installation and better playing performance.  That is why it is much attractive for the regular game players.

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Its handling and gearing qualities are one of its best features. It has fast speed with smooth handling. I would really recommend this game to all those teenagers who love to play racing games. (Review by PCFavour)

54.02 MB.

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