Ratatouille PC Game

Ratatouille PC Game

Free download Ratatouille video game for PC. It is basically a strategy and thrilling game which is developed by Disney and released by THQ Inc. Ratatouille is based on the animated movie which was released in 2007. You’ll enjoy the almost same scenarios in this game.

Ratatouille-game-screenshotYou’ll play the role of Remy whose dream is to become the most famous chef of France. Unlike all other rats he is very neat and clean and avoids the dirty food to eat. Remy goes with his brother Emile to steel some apples for his father where he learns some basic skills to cook the food with new taste. He lives in a colony which was in a woman’s house, one day they caught and they ran for their lives from house. After escaping from the colony Remy lefts behind and when he wakes up then he finds himself in front of Gusteau’s restaurant, one of the leading restaurant in France. Remy has Gusteau’s book and he talk with him in his imagine. Gusteau leads him to his restaurant where he finds his human friend Linguini who is actually the son of Gusteau.

You’ll have more than 10 levels to and tasks to complete and will have a lot of fun. You have to survive yourself from the humans by hiding yourself. Otherwise you’ll be catches and lose a life. When you download the game then you have to extract the files in a folder then run the ‘Setup’ file. When installation will be completed then click on ‘autorun’ option and click on ‘Play’, you are done now. You can move Remy by e, s, d and f buttons in different directions. You must have installed DirectX 9.0 for this game.

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The 3D graphics and, background music and sounds are amazing; you’ll feel that, you are actually the part of this movie. The instruction will be given by Gusteau to guide you with the help of voice and with subtitles too. Overall game has a lot of fun and very enjoyable. So have a lot of fun with Remy, and all the best to make you a master chef of France. (Review by pcfavour)

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