SimCity Societies Game Download

SimCity Societies Game

Free download SimCity Societies game. It is a social development and city building simulation game for computer developed b Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. This game is the part of Sim series. SimCity Societies has a different game play from previous versions.

SimCity-Societies-Simulator-game-screenshotThe complexity of this game has reduced by removing the need of power stations and water pipes. The game’s adviser system is replaced with a city’s status. Moreover, if the player completes a goal he gets awards. There are six features as social values in SimCity Societies which are creativity, productivity, spirituality, prosperity, knowledge and authority. Each certain social value can change the visual appearance of a city. For example, if you want to fit cameras on buildings then you can use the social value “Authority”.

This game is completely customizable. Player can easily edit the gameplay and customize the individual buildings, citizens, game rules and decorations. Another nice feature is that you can pay some attention to the citizens such as what are their feelings, which they like and where they are happy or not to work.

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This game has very amazing graphics with mouse control. You can make zoom it with your mouse wheel not only to street level but also to the citizen’s faces.  This is very interesting game and you will feel the administrator of the city and forget the time which you will pass by playing this game. You can check your ability of management by arranging the city layout and mapping it and see how you can provide the facilities to your citizens. (Review by pcfavour)

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