Take On Helicopters Game Download

Take On Helicopters Game Download

Free download Take On Helicopters game for PC also known as TKOH. It is a video game developed in 2011. It was developed by Bohemia Interactive and released for Microsoft Windows platform. The game is focused on two brothers Joe Larkin and Tom Larkin. They are trying to save their late father’s business.

Take-on-Helicopters-Game-downloadTake On Helicopters is basically a civil aviation game. This game focused on rotary-wing aircraft. There are three classes of helicopters includes heavy, medium and light. In this game, you can play into two defined areas from the world. These are from North America and South Asia. This all is based on real world terrain data. You will see Seattle city of 60×60 km of area contains water, forest, industrial area etc. The area from South Asia is 120×120 km having deserts, villages and rivers. Take on Helicopters starts with any mode you select including, career, challenge, free flight etc.

When you start the game, you are into a Helicopter with a pilot. You have to reach a nearby island. You will see the amazing view of water and Island around with woods, road, traffic on roads. Pilot will take you to the desired place. Helicopter will land on helipad and you leave the helicopter. There you will find some friends. The helicopter will take off and suddenly destroyed in air and drown in water.

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You will then start your journey with a new helicopter. This time, you are pilot and starts engines. The first step is to start batteries and then engines. You have to start both engines and now your helicopter is ready to flight. Take off helicopter and go to your destination with your fellows. The game is very interesting and you will obviously enjoy the flight of helicopters. Take a safe flight above the woods to save your helicopter and enjoy the game on your PC. (Review by pcfavour)

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