Tormentum Dark Sorrow Game Download

Tormentum Dark Sorrow Game Download

Free download Tormentum Dark Sorrow game for PC. It is an adventure game for Windows PCs. Tormentum Dark Sorrow is very similar to Murder in New York. This game is developed by OhNoo Studio and available in size of 48 MB. The game is very light weight and easy to install.

Tormentum Dark Sorrow pc game is a game of searching things using mouse. The graphics are good as the other games have from this genre. In this game, you will go to a scary world. You have to know about the past of your playing character.

Tormentum-Dark-Sorrow-Game-downloadThere is no need to install the game. You will find the ZIP folder after downloading from the given below link. Extract the game and run “Tormentum” application file. Please turn off your antivirus for sometime as many antivirus program declare a clean application file as malware. We have tested and run it, all is clean but my Norton Internet Security detected it as malware. I have disabled it and then extracted and play it.

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After running the file, you will find the play button. It will start the story about the game. It will tell you what you have to do. After that, you will find yourself info a cell. There are some Skeletons around you. You have to find and pick the things from the environment. For example, the claw of a skeleton from the floor, piece of metal from the bird outside the window, a drawing from the wall.

There is a jail bar and you cannot access the things on the other side. You have to find the all things necessary to remove the bar of jail. The game may be proofed a little difficult for you. Try to find the all hidden things to find the identity and past story of your character. This is good game to pass your spare and extra time or to get rid of boring time. (Review by pcfavour)

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48 MB.

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