UltraSurf Download Latest Version

UltraSurf Latest Version

Download latest version of UltraSurf from PCFavour. It is a small security network developed by Ultrareach Internet Corporation. The application was created to help Chinese to use internet freely along with bypassing the great firewall of china. This application enables users to bypass censorship and firewalls using an HTTP proxy for privacy.

UltraSurf-screenshotUltraSurf is currently used by about eleven million users worldwide. It is very light software with some usual features. This software displays three status from which you can select any of them according to speed. This is very easy to use and good for beginners.

The software has its own servers from where it has its hosting. The changing of IP addresses of this software is recorded up to 10000 in an hour according to Wired magazine.

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Ultrasurf is freeware and can be installed from u.exe file. There is no other additional files which install along with it. You can uninstall it by deleting u.exe file only. The software is available only for windows platform and by default it runs with Internet Explorer. You can install a plug-in to use it with Firefox.

Although there are a lot of software which are better than Ultrasurf but it is very light and simple to run. (Review by pcfavour)

2 MB.

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