VSDC Free Video Editor Latest Version

VSDC Free Video Editor Latest Version

VSDC_Free_Video_Editor_screenshot2Free download VSDC Free Video Editor latest version. It is although a free video editor software but it has the features of a professional video editor program. VSDC Free Video Editor is developed by Flash-Integro LLC. If you want to edit some video you may required some learning in case you have no experience in this field. VSDC Free Video Editor is not so large, so you can download it easily. To download the setup file, use the download link given below. After downloading, you can easily install VSDC Video Editor on your computer system. After installation, you are ready to edit your any video according to your need.

The top menu of VSDC free video editor contains Projects, Scenes, View, Editor and Help items. The Editor is the menu you can use to edit videos. You will see secondary menu with symbols. This menu has cut, copy, paste, delete, select all, undo, redo, create screenshot, add object, video effects and audio effects options.

From project’s settings you can set the information regarding your project of videos or video editing. You can set the project name, resolution, framerate and frequency. If you want to manually set the width and height of video, you can set it. Here you can also change the channel as Stereo or Mono for your video. At the bottom, you can select the project type sucm as import videos etc.

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Using video formats options, you can select various media device from where you want to get video for editing. For example, you can select PC, DVD or iPod and select any of output video format. This includes the avi, mpg, mov, mkv, rm, flv etc formats for output videos. This will also show you the source file with its resolution, video and audio codec, bitrate and frequency.

You can apply some effects on your videos such as horizontal, rotated horizontal, vertical and much more. If you are new then remember that the effects will only apply if you have many parts of videos. (Review by PCFavour)

29.4 MB.

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