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Free download Wuala latest version. WUALA is a kind of service and software. When the users test it they will become actually excited. It looks like simple software. This does not have fancy graphics or visual guides that tell you what you should be doing. The other interesting thing which surprise the users that WUALA makes it sure that user’s data is only their access. WUALA has many features like once you get a hang of it, you will learn that it is very easy to use and very powerful.

Wuala-screenshot-downloadWUALA allows you to invite other people through your referral link. Data privacy is the most important feature of it. WUALA has also cross platform compatibility which takes this approach slightly differently. This is also an important feature of WUALA while other providers develop their software specifically for each platform but WUALA just uses Java to develop its client. If a user running Windows or Linux and have Java then they will be able to run WUALA. When the users install WUALA, it will mount WUALA Drive on their computer as a network drive where they can access all their files even save files directly there. By using other software the users can also open and edit files from WUALA Drive on their computer. The thing which is very interesting is that WUALA allows its users to make backups of any chosen folders and there is also no limit to make backups.

The users of WUALA can choose interval from continuous, daily, weekly or monthly. And the folder shows up on their WUALA Drive too. This also allow them to specify when they add a new backup. Syncing is also another feature of WUALA and it works a bit different from Drop box. Instead of any specific folder the user can add any local folder for syncing purpose. There is also no limit to sync. When the user wants to sync the folder will show up on his WUALA Drive, and then the user can choose which computer user want to sync each folder to. WUALA also let you to make groups. You can get both public and private groups. (Review by PCFavour)

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Publisher’s Description:

Wuala is secure cloud storage, a haven in the cloud to store your files. You can safely access and share your files with friends, family, and co-workers. Wuala is the place for storing data with security in mind. In order to protect your privacy, Wuala encrypts the data on your computer before it is uploaded. During the upload, your data is split up into many different pieces and stored in multiple places to make certain that you never lose a single file. For added security your password is never transmitted, which means that no one – not even the employees at Wuala – can see your private files. Don’t ever worry again about losing your vacation pictures, your music collection or your end of term paper. With Wuala Backup you can rest assure that your digital life is safe. In case you need to access previous versions of files, or have accidentally deleted a file on your desktop, Wuala lets you restore it, saving you time and stress. Keep your files in sync with just one click. If you’re on the go and add a file to your Wuala Sync folder, the file will automatically appear on all of your computers, edits on your home computer will instantly appear on your work computer. Your files are always up to date, anywhere at anytime.

Access your files from any computer with an Internet connection, wherever you are. Now, you can manage files with your own secure Wuala account at home and at work. Store documents, presentations, images, or media files – anything you want. Wuala’s intuitive interface also makes online slideshows easy, allowing you to select the size of your photos for family and friends. Instead of emailing files, share documents, photos, and media directly from your Wuala account. Using our simple filing system, share folders with fellow members of Wuala or send links to your contacts that have yet to join. Links can be accessed immediately – with no registration required.

Business Groups are great for businesses, associations, communities or teams who want to store their files in one central and secure location. Private and Public Groups count the used storage for uploaded files to an individual account, while Business Groups allow you and your team to share an amount of storage together. Simply share data with colleagues and co-workers in one Business Group, edit documents or leave a comment. Get ready to collaborate in a new way.

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