Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Game Download

Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Game

Zombie Apocalypse Shooter game download for free. Zombie Apocalypse Shooter is one the best shooting game which is based on a city where people are affected by some sort of virus. The virus turned them into zombies who are senseless dead bodies walking on the roads. The zombies not only walking here and there along with this they are killing and affecting healthy people of the area. They look like so much angry and attacking.

Zombie-Apocalypse-ShooterYou as being shooter have to shoot all those zombies. You have to protect the citizens by killing every zombie. People who are remaining healthy and not affected are trying to survive by escaping their selves. There are four kinds of weapons available for the player. You may select your favorite one and then complete your task by killing them. You will have AK47, Desert Eagle, Army Shotgun and Uzi.

You might have seen many of Hollywood movies on zombies. This game reflects all those movies. If you are afraid of zombies then you must try this game because here you have a chance to kill them. You as being a protector will really enjoy while playing this game. You will have special path which is already given to you. You must kill dead walkers (zombies) which appear on your screen.

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The Zombie Apocalypse Shooter game is good because of its low file size and low graphic requirements of your computer system. You may enjoy this game on your old trend computers as well. To those entire teenagers who love to play horror games must try it. (Review by PCFavour)

36.87 MB.

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