3D Sniper Game

3D Sniper Game

Free download 3D Sniper game for PC. 3D Sniper is very light weight first person shooter game. You have to remain in action for all the time otherwise you will lose your life. 3D Sniper is a standard quality graphics action game.

3D-Sniper-game-screenshot3D Sniper game has two different locations which you have to choose. Its menu is very simple and has only two items. One is more games, which will take you to the official game and the other is Play Game. When you click on play game, you will see two screenshots. These are not only screenshots but also the game location for your play. In 3D Sniper, you will see only the shooter gun of your player just like usual shooter games. At the right bottom of the screen, you will see your life bar that will take down every time when you get shot from your enemy.

3D Sniper game requires full attention from you during the play. You must have fully control on your mouse because 3D Sniper totally depends upon the mouse. You can use both clicks to fire. When you will start to play this game, your enemies start to come from behind the scene. You have to shoot them instantly otherwise they will target you and you will start to lose your life. You have to move your mouse continuously here and there to take aim at enemies. There is no need to take the exact aim of the opponent, if you point is just near the enemy he will get shoot.

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There is only single fire shoot is required to kill an enemy. There is the score bonus for killing enemies. You can make a record time of game play with high score. But remember that as you will move further or get higher score the number of enemies will increase and it will become difficult for you to survive. 3D Sniper game is very useful to pass your time. (Review by pcfavour)

3.65 MB.
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