Agricultural Simulator 2013 Game Download

Agricultural Simulator 2013 Game

Free download Agricultural Simulator 2013 game for PC. It is another simulator game for farmers. You can become farmer yourself without having fields or tractors. Agricultural Simulator 2013 provides your almost all equipments necessary to feed in the fields. Agricultural Simulator 2013 guide you how to work within field and how to attach the hardware with tractor. In this game, you can take a start with tutorials. There are some series of tutorials you have to complete. All tutorials are simple and easy.

Agricultural-Simulator-2013-downloadThe installation of Agricultural Simulator 2013 is very easy and simple. Download the setup file and start to install it. After completing, it will start the game automatically. You will see the main menu o f the game. The menu contains Continue, New Game, Options, Credits and Quit lists. When you start, continue option will be disabled. It will work when you start a new game.

New game of the demo contains only tutorial. Click on tutorial and start to learn work within field. At the first tutorial, you have to complete some basic tasks. Each tutorial has such types of tasks to complete. In the first tutorial, you have to move the screen using mouse toward the left side of tractor. You will see a circle just near the well. Take the point (that you can see in the middle of the screen) just at the center of the circle and press left click and you are done. Follow the instructions and continue to complete the tutorial.

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Then you are directed to move towards the tractor. Now it’s time to drive the tractor toward field. Use W, A, S, D buttons to accelerate, steer left, reverse and steer right respectively. You have to follow the directions to complete the tutorial. Next tutorial will teach you how to attach the hardware with your tractor. Similarly, you will learn more and more.

The control of the tractor is very hard. So you have to steer it slowly and carefully. This is the good game for hobby formers to fulfill their thirst without going to the fields. (Review by pcfavour)

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