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Batch Plot DWG Latest Version

Free download Batch Plot DWG latest version from direct download link. Batch Plot DWG is a program that is used to convert the batches of AutoCAD. Read below what the publisher said about this product.

Batch-Plot-DWG-screenshotPublisher’s Review:

Batch Plot DWG is a comprehensive set of utilities designed to execute repetitive tasks quickly and easily. Plotting and converting batches of AutoCAD drawings are some of the most popular tasks included in the program.
The program is equipped with a self-explanatory and user friendly interface that preserves user’s options for the next time it runs.
It features several modes to select files to work with, notably: drag and drop, loading Excel lists, or searching for files in selected folders.
It is designed to save time and money; an indispensable program to every CAD manager and AutoCAD user.

Try it now by downloading the version that corresponds to your AutoCAD version.

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Features and Benefits

  • High performance: average plot creation speed 25 drawings/min*
  • There is no need to spend time creating AutoCAD page setups. The settings you select on the program menu are applied to each drawing in the batch.
  • Supports ctb and stb plot styles, that can be applied to all drawings in the batch.
  • Batch converts DWG files to other file formats (BMP, DXF, EPS, JPG, PNG, SAT, WMF and PDF).
  • Five efficient modes to select files to work with:
    1. drag and drop drawing files from Windows Explorer,
    2. load list from Excel,
    3. search folders for drawings,
    4. all open drawings,
    5. active drawing only
  • Flexible Model / Paper Space Options:
    Active Space, Model Space Only, Paper Space Only, All Paper Layouts, Model + All Paper Layouts
  • Drawing orientation: Auto Select, Portrait or Landscape
  • The list in Drag and Drop and Search Folders can be sorted by clicking on the column name so that drawings are plotted in alphabetical order.
  • In the Drag and Drop and Search Folders tabs the user can export the list of files to Excel for future use.
  • All settings are saved between sessions
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