Ben 10 Blockage Blitz Game

Ben 10 Blockage Blitz Game

Free download Ben 10 Blockage Blitz game for PC. Ben 10 is very famous cartoon series for children. There are a lot of children those are fans of Ben 10. The super character Ben has an omnitrix which enables him to become alien of his choice. This game Ben 10 Blockage Blitz is developed to entertain the fans of Ben 10 series. The game has the same idea as Blast Thru. Only the different is that you have to defend the ball by moving Ben from left to right.

Ben-10-Blockage-Blitz-game-screenshotWhen the game starts, you have 5 chances. Each time the ball missed by Ben or Ben fails to defend ball from falling, you will miss your chance. To start the game, you have to press left mouse click and then have to move mouse left to right for moving Ben. If Ben is just under the ball then he will hit it and the ball will bounce back. This ball will destroy the blocks and enemies aliens. There are also some unbreakable blocks from there the ball will bounce back.

There are also some bonus blocks from which you will find some bonuses such as different aliens. When Ben covers an alien bonus, he will become the alien for some time. Some aliens will start to fire by pressing left mouse button and some have magical ball which will bounce back only if the wall or unbreakable stone will be in its way. When your ball will kill an alien then the alien will become some bonus.

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The bonuses are barrier, which will defend your ball only once if you will fail to defend the ball, x3 will divide your ball into 3 balls and a symbol like sword, which will charge the omnitrix. You will see it at the bottom right side of your game screen. When you will collect four symbols like as sword, omnitrix will be fully charged and you can make some blast by pressing “Z” key from keyboard. You will also get some life bonus which will increase your chances to play the game. This game has more than 30 levels so you will enjoy the game a lot. (Review by pcfavour)

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