BPlan Data Recovery Software Download Latest

BPlan Data Recovery Download Latest

Free download Bplan Data Recovery Software latest version. It is a reliable and easy to use application that can help you in recovering all data may be lost or accidentally deleted . Software support data recovery Bplan is the fastest way to scan and retrieve data. Bplan can help you find the lost data after mistakenly deleted or reformatted a hard drive, USB drive, or partition. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, and 8.

BPlan-Deta-Recovery-screenshotThis data recovery program can help to quickly see their lost after formatting or deleting documents or data. Works on disk, external hard drive, a USB flash drive, SD card and memory card. This software allows you to download a file of unlimited size. This recovery tool provides four main functions , namely  “Undelete quick”, “Unformat Quick” , “Full Scan” and “Recover Partition Quick” , each designed to help in a variety of situations that have caused the loss of important data.

The component ‘ Undelete quick ‘ lets you restore files you deleted by mistake, lost due to the installation of a new program or action of a virus. You can select the drive you want to scan and Bplan Data Recovery Software will analyze the files and folders, and then present a tree view of the selected directory. After identifying the files to restore , check individually and press the ‘ Startrecover ‘ button. The application prompts you to set the output location and quickly retrieve your documents. Using the ‘Unformat quick’ function, you can restore data from a formatted disk, including handheld devices. You can set the format recovery properties , and after that , the steps are similar to those taken with the “Undelete fast” element , resulting in the recovery of your files.

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Its function “Full Scan” allows to recover files after hard drive of your computer has been formatted. The utility allows you to select the specific formats you want to restore , so do not waste your time with documents that do not interest you . The ‘Recover Partition Quick’ component allows you to recover data after deleting a system volume . This is done in a manner similar to the operation of the ‘ fast unformat ‘ manner , but has a significantly longer duration . Bplan data recovery software can help you easily recover any file you lost , no matter the reason , so you can regain access to documents in minutes . (Review by pcfavour)

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Bplan Data Recovery

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