City Racing PC Game

City Racing PC Game

Free download City Racing game for PC. It is open way car racing game. You are free to go anywhere in the city. This game is quite different from Need for Speed games. City Racing starts with a damaged car which is related to you. When you install and start the game first time, you have to enter your name and then start new game. You are asked to start new game because it will erase your previous data if you are not playing first time.

City-Racing-game-screenshotYou are new in the city when you start City Racing game. Your tiny car is badly damaged so you are in search of some workshop. At last you find a workshop near a square and take your car toward workshop. There was a conversation between you and the workshop owner. You have only 1000 in cash and want to more money. So you ask him from where you can get the money.

Workshop owner tell you about the street racing which illegal. If you win the race you can win the prize money but your car will get damaged more. If you follow the rules, police will never disturb you but if you break the rules they will arrest you and you have to pay some fine. The cases for which police will catch you in City Racing are; crush a person, make an accident with a car or anything else.

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When the game starts you can see the game controller such as to accelerate you have to use up arrow key. You will see a map at the left bottom of the screen. The green gear icon shows the workshops. You can repair your car from any workshop for some cost. Map of City Racing will also show you some flags with different colors in which some are for time race and some are for street race having some opponents.

Game control of City Racing is not so hard. You can easily move the car here and there and can run it as fast as you can. The graphics are not so bad and overall City Racing is nice game to play without any cost. (Review by pcfavour)

26.3 MB.


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