Counter Strike Online Latest Version Game

Counter Strike Online Latest Game

Free download Counter Strike Online game. It is designed for Asian gaming community but anyone can play it from anywhere. This is first person shooter game with the capability of multiplayer. This game was developed by NEXON Korea Corporation and Valve Corporation and licensed to Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd in Singapore & Malaysia.

Counter Strike OnlineThis game is a cutting edge FPS game. You only need a free account to Sign In and then you can enjoy this game. Counter Strike Online has a very big community of players so it is a fast and very funny game to play.

In Counter Strike Online, players can choose different maps. It is a team based multiplayer game. Player can join of terrorist or counter terrorists and battle it out. This game has a lot of modes as Death Match, Zombie Mode, Team Death Match mode, Challenge Mode, Zombie United Mode, VIP mode and Zombie Survival Mode. There are also some modes which require a little bit payment to unlock.

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Counter Strike Online itself a free game but some weapons can buy using purchased points with real money. Usually, these weapons expire after some usage but sometimes you can purchase permanently during a promotion. Similarly some weapons can be purchased with the points which you have got by getting kills and completing objectives. (Review by pcfavour)

1.2 GB.

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