Crysis PC Game Download

Crysis PC Game Download

Free download Crysis game for PC. It is a first person shooter game developed by a Frankfurt (Germany) based company Crytek. Crysis was published Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows based PCs. Crysis PC Game was released in 2007 and it is the first game of a trilogy.

Crysis-game-screenshot-downloadCrysis PC Game is full of action game like Far Cry, that was also developed by Crytek. The story of the game starts in the year 2020 when North Korean forces take control of the islands named Lingshan. These forces are led by General Ri-Chan Kyong. On the other hand, A team of American civilian archaeologists send a anguish call that they have discovered something that could change the world.

Therefore, Raptor Team is sent to the islands. Their main mission is empty the island and securing any valuable information that the archaeologists’ team have. The Raptor Team consists of the members with code names as Nomad, Aztec, Psycho and Prophet. Their team leader is Prophet. They are outfitted with Nanosuits. These suits are capable of protection of gunfire but also stop the effects of explosions.

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The aliens, who want to change the world, invade the island. Your mission is also to kill all aliens on that island. This demo will enable you to play the mission to learn the basic rules of the game and provide you with the main idea of game. You can play the complete level in this demo. Thus you can know about the movement of the game and shortcut keys form your keyboards. Graphics of the game are good with nice sound effects.

In Crysis game, the player controls a Delta Force soldier with the code name Nomad as mention above. You can easily customized your weapons without pausing the time flow. You can change scopes, firing modes and add sound suppressors. You can select different modes in Nomad’s military Nanosuit. This Nanosuit draw power from the energy of the suit. Crysis game is very interesting and will involve you into its mission. This is the single player demo so you can easily play it on your PC to get rid of boring movements. (Review by pcfavour)

Free Demo
1.77 GB.

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