Super Mario 3 Mario Forever Game

Super Mario 3 Mario Forever Game

Free download Super Mario 3 game known as Mario Forever. It is developed by Acid-play and it is basically remake of classic Super Mario game. It is also reliable and very good game as the original one though it is the remake. It is very fluid game and full of control game. There is a lot of secret worlds, this game has. The difficulties levels will be increased continuously as you complete a level.

Mario-forever-screenshotThere are 50 secret worlds and level in this game and as you are expecting, this game also has some bonus secret worlds like lost map and hardcore world etc. Super Mario 3 has a secret level as well which is beyond your imagination. You’ll have a lot of enjoyment during this game.

Super Mario 3: Mario forever impresses the players very well and there are a lot of fans of this game. You can save the game when you complete a level.

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The main character and hero of this game is Mario, which is very easy to control. The background score and music is quite impressive. Each level has a number of images and locations, such as castles, underground mines, rock lands, grasslands and underwater etc. You’ll see a lot of variations in enemies, bonuses and other things.

A range of puzzles and secret world is waiting for you. When you complete all the puzzles and secret worlds then finally you have to face Bowser who has the different abilities of fighting and power. Now, it’s up to you that how you’ll face and defeat him. The game has a lot of fun and action. It is free game, just download it and enjoy.  (Review by pcfavour)

18.78 MB.


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