Download Need for Speed Underground 2 Game

Need for Speed Underground 2 Game Download

Free download Need for Speed Underground 2 game for your PC. NFSU2 is most famous game in the series of Need for Speed. Need for Speed Underground 2 is the sequel of Need for Speed Underground. The graphics of the game are not so impressed but well.

Need-for-Speed-Underground-2-game-screenshotAfter downloading the setup file, it is required to unzip it. After completing unzip, it will start to install automatically. The setup size of Need for Speed Underground 2 is 345.88 MB while it will take about 611 MB disk space to install. The installation process will take just few minutes and then you are ready to play NFSU2. The main menu of Need for Speed Underground 2 has four menus which are Free Roam, Quick Race, Online and Options. Free Roam mode allows you to drive your car freely. You can take any way to drive as fast as you can. You will see a lot of turns, tunnels, highways and bridges of Beacon Hills. There will also a little traffic.

In Quick Race mode, you will ready to accept a challenge of laps with opponents up to 3 cars. The quick race mode has 2 game play modes which are circuit and drift. In circuit mode, you have to complete the laps along with your opponents. There is only single track City Hall in demo version with a distance of 2.67 K.M. You can also check the best lap time, so you have to break the record. You can change the difficulty level and traffic level.

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In Drift mode, you have to earn score by drifting your car. You can up or low traffic level and difficulty level in this mode. You have to maintain the car speed and also have to save your car from bumping. If your car hit with another vehicle or side hurdle, your score will decrease. Slow speed of your car will also cause to decrease your drifting score. At the end, you will see your total score and position in score chart. (Review by pcfavour)

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345.88 MB.
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