Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle Game

Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle Game

Download Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle game free from direct link. It is an arcade game which is published by Banpresto Co., Ltd. This is one-to-one fighting game. In this game you can choose your own fighter or player.

dragon ball z 2Playing with your fighter, you have to defeat you opponent till the end. You can use different fighting styles, varieties and formulas to defeat your opponent. Each character has its own unique game ending.

You have to face ten fighters as your opponent to reach the end. The last enemy is the quite difficult to defeat. The game becomes more difficult as you advanced toward the end.

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Dragon Ball Z is very similar to the king of fighter games the difference is only that in the king of fighter, you have a team of 3 fighters with one fighting chance for each while in Dragon Ball Z, there is only a single player with two winning chances. (Review by pcfavour)

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