Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead Download

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead

Download Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead game free. It is a first person shooting and army based game which was released in 2002. It was project of EA (Electronic Arts) Games. The name of this game represents it in the same way. This game was based on Quake III Arena with modifications.

Medal-of-Honor-Allied-Assault-Spearhead-game-screenshotMedal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead brings you back in World War II, a great combat in history of this world. When you play the game as single player then you’ll play the role of Lt. Mike Powell which is member of United States Army and works for OSS. Your mission is to assault the German bases in Norway and Algiers and rescue your people behind the enemy lines in France. The game story of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead is likely same as Saving Private Ryan movie for example the Omaha Beach mission and many other sceneries.

When you’ll start this game then firstly you can choose your team to play and then you have to select the weapon. When you kill somebody then you’ll get a point and when you kill your own army man then you have a negative point. This game has different modes such as Deathmatch, Round based and Objective modes. In Deathmatch mode you have to kill all the people you have in your way to complete the mission. When you choose your team then kill the other team people and the team with most points will be announced as winner.

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead has a lot of improvement in it like the updated weapons like British and Russian weapons. As you are the part of Barnes, all the players will land behind Atlantic wall. You must hold your lines near Bastogne and penetrate in the Berlin enemy positions before the Red Army starts their attacks. There are a lot of action and drama which you’ll face in this game and you have to make strategy to defeat your opponent team. You feel like an army man during this game. (Review by pcfavour)

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