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Duplicate Files Util Latest Version

Free download Duplicate Files Util latest version. Duplicate Files Util is very useful application software for windows. Duplicate Files Util is a system utility that will help you to find duplicate files located into your computer system. This application is a freeware so it is absolutely free. Duplicate Files Util is very easy to download but a little bit difficult to install. You can download the setup file from the download link given below. After downloading, run the setup and start to install it. The installation of this program is difficult because of its language. Duplicate Files Util setup is not in English language. Only the setup of this program is in Russian language.

Duplicate-Files-Util-screenshotBut still you can install the program because the installer is typical. For your ease, just keep clicking on button in middle until the setup process will complete. After that, you are ready to install the program. If you do not find shortcut on desktop, you can use the search option (Windows 7, 8, 8.1) and type “Duplicate Files Util”.

There are two windows that will open when you start the program. The first one is “DFU application” that is with blank screen, while the other one is “Duplicate files util 1.1.7 freeware”. This is the actual file that will solve your problem of duplicate files.

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The top menu of this program is usual and may be used less. The secondary menu will use for operations and it contains with symbols. Below this menu, you will see two spacebars. First one is “Work directory” while the other is “Compared directory”. In work directory, you have to select the folder for which you want to delete the duplicate files. To change the directory, just click on “Work directory“. In compared directory, you will select the folder you want to keep same but contains some files same in work directory.

Now you can click on “Find” button from the secondary top menu. It will start work and show you the files with same name and extension in both directory. You can delete these files by select them and then click on “Del recycle” button. This will remove the files from “Work directory”. These files will move to Recycle Bin of your computer. You cannot perform another operation until you click on “Navigate” button from the secondary top menu.

You can also find duplicate files within your whole drive. Just select the single drive in both location and then click on “Autoselect” button. Now click on “Find” and you will see the result of duplicate files below. The searching time will take some time according to the data within your drive. (Review by pcfavour)

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