Fighter’s History PC Game Download

Fighter’s History PC Game

Free download Fighter’s History game for PC. It is an action arcade game developed for Mame32 platform. Fighter’s History is on to one fighting game like Word Heroes pc game. Fighter’s History game was developed by Data East Corporation in 90s. Fighter’s History game can be played on your PC using Mame32.

Fighter's-History-game-logoFighter’s History game can be downloaded from the download link given below. This is a portable game so there is no need to install this game. Just download the compressed folder and extract it. After extract, start the game according to the method at the end of this post and enjoy the game.

There are 9 players in this game to select. After selecting you player, you are ready to fight with your opponent. There are 6 action buttons in this game that can be used during the fight. You can set the buttons accordingly from setting.

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The graphics of the game are just fine. There is a fault with graphics that the players remain the behind the scene. For example, if there is a building in background, its grills or doors will show and the player will go behind this. The action in this game is very good and you will enjoy the game play with six action buttons.

Fighters-History-PC-Game-downloadHow to play this game?

Download the compressed file and extract it. Double click on file “Mame32plus”. Now select the game “Fighter’s History (World)” in menu and make a double click on it. Game will start now press OK and then press Enter. You are now ready to play the game.

To set the game controls, press “Tab” button from keyboard and select “Input (this game)”. Now you can check the game play buttons e.g. insert coins for player 1, player 2 etc and button 1, button 2 and button 3 accordingly. By default, you have to press 5 button to insert the coin and 1 button to start with player 1. (Review by pcfavour)

24.9 MB.
Data East Corporation

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