Final Fight PC Game

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Final Fight PC Game

Free download Final Fight Full PC game from direct download link. Final Fight game free download.

Final_Fight PC GameFinal Fight PC game free download now.

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You can change Player Setting by pressing “Tab” button and then selecting “Input”.

How to Play this game?

After selecting the Input option, you can set keys to play. I always prefer to set A, S, D and F keys for action. While arrow keys for movement. The three characters of this game has their own unique action and styles. The character with reddish brown dress action styles are different. He punches in a style of side punch. When you apply flying kick, his style will be like a ninja. If you press both jump and punch button together, he will spin. This spin will be in air on its straight leg. Similarly, the character hero with white shirt has its own style. You can see this character in the image above. His flying kick style is very beautiful. The fat man character can hold the enemy and jump along with to hit. Download Final fight game and enjoy.

10.31 MB

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