Grand Theft Auto Game (The Original GTA)

Grand Theft Auto Game (The Original GTA)

Free download Grand Theft Auto game known as The Original GTA. It is developed by Rockstar games. Rockstar Company of games was introduced in 1997, in the same year they released the original grand theft auto. It is basically an urban crime game and full of action pack for which it is very popular within the public.

Grand-Theft-Auto-Original-screenshotGTA is a violent game, when you play this game you’ll go back in some memories. This series of game become more popular with the passage of time due to its approach. The player will have full of control on the game. The GTA game will be played in three different cities: Liberty city, San Andreas and vice city and you’ll earn points by doing damages, car sales and cashing in your criminal activities.

The game is very interesting when you got a mission. There is also humor in this game. You can fight with police; you can deceive them by changing the car or motor bikes. You can snatch the cars or bikes from anyone and anywhere in the game. That is the more interesting thing in this game. You have a map alongside your screen. It helps you to go to your target place. Follow it, kill your enemies and complete your mission. You’ll have a lot of armed enemies in your way to target place. You have to kill them all and to keep safe yourself.

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In the start you’ll feel the game is superficial. But, when play it for some time, then you notice that the game is very interesting with a lot of fun. One more thing which is very interesting: while you are driving you’ll have 7 different radio stations with amazing and professional soundtracks.

Grand Theft Auto is very classic game. You don’t have to miss it, I must say. It is free game, just download it and play. When you download it and play unlimited, first of all you must read ‘Readme’ text file. It guides you that how to install and how to play this interesting game.  (Review by pcfavour)

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