Tomb Raider Anniversary Game

Tomb Raider Anniversary Game

Free download Tomb Raider Anniversary game for PC. It is action and adventure video game. This game is a remake of first game of this series. The game is developed by Crystal Dynamics and Buzz Monkey Software and published by Eidos Interactive. The game has a single main player “Lara Croft”. Your mission is to collect three parts of Scion which is an artefact.

Tomb-Raider-Anniversary-screenshotLara finds a tomb which belongs to the Atlantean king Qualopec. He is the one of three kings, the Triumvirate, who ruled Atlantis before it sank. Similarly the second piece of Scion is located in St. Francis Folly in Greece so Lara departs to Greece to get the second piece and the last and final piece of Scion is located in Egypt. She gets clear her vision after assembling all three pieces.

She faces a lot of difficulties and problems during achieving all three parts. The game is very interesting and that’s why it engaged me a lot of time. Graphics are near to natural and smooth. When the game starts, you will find Lara into a tomb. Lara will face some wolves and you have to shoot them by clicking left mouse button. Gameplay options can be checked by pressing Esc button from keyboard. By default, you can use left, right, up and down arrows keys for movement accordingly from keyboard. You can also use A, S, D and W keys for movement. Spacebar is used to jump and E key is used to reload the gun. You can take a position with gun by pressing right mouse button.

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A very interesting and good thing in Tomb Raider Anniversary is that Lara never loses her life if she falls down into water moreover her energy for life increases after having some swim. You can also use grapping hook for long jump by using Q key from keyboard. Hope so, you will enjoy this game. (Review by pcfavour)


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