Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars Download

Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars Download

Free download Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars PC game. It is very interesting game as its name shows. It is basically a business strategy game, in which you have multiple options to play. You can be an arm dealer and you have to be a successful businessman in this game. You must become an Arms dealer Tycoon. The game is developed by Tankopoly.

Guns-Girls-Lawyers-Dollars-screenshotIn Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars, you must build your own business empire, in which you have to complete the given mission at the very start of game and at each level of game. Your company empire has a President which is you actually, Company stations which have spread all over the world and inform you about profit and company units whose duty is to protect company stations. Your main task is to travel the world, make good business deal and gain profit more and more.

Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars allows you to enhance your decision power and act as a good businessman. You should buy a Mercedes car, hire a secretary and an agent, take a lawyer, sit into a plan and travel the world to rule on business market. You have 500 different units and 120 countries to expand your arm business. You‘ll have all the things around you like; criminals, agents, lawyers, girls, guns and all that.  You can buy and sell tanks, guns, rifles, planes and all type of weapons, even you can rob banks. Your main aim in Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars is to make the maximum profit.

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In Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars, you have to be careful about yourself because in many countries, arms’ dealing is strictly prohibited. So you must have precautions measurement then take steps and go to other countries in your plane. Your primary source to send consignments is the cargo plane, the most cargo planes you have, the more you are secure.

The Guns Girls Lawyers Dollars is a loveable game because of its features and its light weight. It is very small in size and occupies small space in system too. It is very different genre game and you’d love to play this game. (Review by pcfavour)

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