Haunt: The Real Slender Game

Haunt: The Real Slender Game

Free Download Haunt: The Real Slender Game. It is a horror game which can be said a remake of famous horror game Slender. It is developed by Slender Games. It is very scary game with new scenes and missions.

Haunt-the-real-slender-screenshotIt is nearly same as Slender game but, it has a number of new levels, new scenes, new scenarios, new game plot and new story. Haunts forces you to collect guide notes quickly, so that you may proceed to new locations using this guide notes. This game has amazing sound effects and brilliant graphics of new scenarios like; Green park and Power station which makes this game more horror.

In this game Haunt, you should be collect more and more objects to make your game more clear like batteries and cameras etc. Though there will be no sign of Slenderman but you should be avoided the orb specie who likes the Slenderman.

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They will come out at any moment of the game, you have to concentrate. There’ll be a clue for you when they are close to come, the sound effects will be change and game will be static, be prepared yourself for this situation and kill them. However these clues are not enough to win this game, you must be active and remain in this game atmosphere.

Haunt is the perfect horror and scary game. Horror lovers would love this game and rest of people should try this, they’ll enjoy a lot for sure.  (Review by pcfavour)

10.24 MB.

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