The House of the Dead 3 Game Download

The House of the Dead 3 Game

Download House of the Dead 3 game free for PC. House of the Dead 3 is the latest version of this series. House of the Dead 3 is basically a shooting game. It is one of the first games which are based on zombies. After so much popularity of previous two versions of the House of the Dead this is the third one. House of the Dead 3 has more amazing features and gameplay than previous versions.


To all those who do not know about this game I would say, it is amazing game. In the plot of the game, you as being player have gun to shoot zombies. The zombies are actually dead people which are senseless and harming others including you. They are affected by some sort of virus which has turned them into this form. You have to complete tasks as per the requirement of the game by killing zombies. Sudden appearance of the zombies makes you feel horror and challenging. Because you have to shoot them before they will harm you. It was all about the House of the Dead but there is some difference between old and this latest version given below.

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House of the Dead 3 has been actually set in 2019. Player has task to get into the research facility. The research has been taken over by dead people (zombies) already. As you take care of not killing zombies there will be chances to get points. As you shoot boxes and other objects in the game you will get some extra lives.

It becomes so easy because those zombies have not weapons. You are the one who will have weapons. You have huge time duration for completing your task. It is quite easy and very dated Sega arcade game. (Review by PCFavour)

71.8 MB.

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