Kung Fu 2 PC Game

Kung Fu 2 PC Game

Download Kung Fu 2 game free for PC. It is a brutal retro fighting game. It is sequel of Ninetendo console game which was released in 1984. It is the project of The Game Page.

Kung-Fu-2-screenshotKung Fu 2 has the elements of Bruce Lee game. The storyline of this game is very interesting. The main character of this game is Thomas. His girlfriend Sylvia is kidnapped by Mr. X. Thomas fights for her freedom and faces a lot of enemies in his way. He killed them by punching and kicking him. He can fight in air and can beat them by sitting. Thomas will fight at different floors. The first floor contains fighters and knife throwers. The next floor will have more tough fighters, fire dragons, snakes and all that. At the end of all five floors, there will be a boss which is more powerful than others, Thomas have to defeat them all before going to next floor. He has fixed time to complete a level. He must go on and killed all the enemies. Once all the five floors are completed then he will face more than this and meet his girlfriend.

Kung Fu 2 brings you back in your childhood, although the sounds and graphics are updated now which is an interesting feature. It is very bloody game, there will be blood everywhere. You have a mission to save your girlfriend.

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Kung Fu 2 gameplay and control is very easy. After download it you just need to run this file. You have to move and fight quickly. You can punch with Space or control button and can kick with enter button. Move yourself with arrow keys.

Kung Fu 2 is a brutal and lovely game and it is basically tribute to retro heroes and Bruce Lee. It is a perfect 2D retro game. You need to be very fast and fantastic. (Review by pcfavour)

3.64 MB.
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