Metal Slug 3 Download PC Game

Metal Slug 3 PC Game Download

Free download Metal Slug 3 game for your PC. It is a run and gun video game developed by SNK. It was originally released in 2000 for the arcade platform Neo-Geo MVS as the sequel to Metal Slug Slug X. 2/Metal The music of the game was developed by Noise Factory. The game was later ported to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 (via XBLA), Virtual Console, iOS and Android, and the Wii, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 (as part of the Metal Slug Anthology). The game adds several new gameplay of the original Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2, including features new weapons and vehicles, and the introduction of branching paths in the series. He has received generally positive reviews.

Metal-Slug-3-Game-screenshotThe gameplay is the same as in previous Metal Slug games. The player (s) must constantly shoot at a continual stream of enemies to reach the end of each level. At this point, the player faces a boss who is often considerably larger and harder than normal enemies. On the way through each level, the player can find numerous weapon upgrades and tanks “Metal Slug “. The tank is known as the SV – 001 (“SV” stands for Super Vehicle), which not only increases the offense player, but greatly increases its defense.

Besides shooting, the player can also perform melee attacks by using a knife and / or kicking. The player does not die simply by contact with enemies, and therefore many of the enemy troops also have melee attacks. Much of the landscape of the game is destructible, and from time to time, this reveals extra items or power- ups, but most of the time it simply results in collateral damage.

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During the course of a level, the player is also with the prisoners of war, which, if released, offer players bonuses in the form of random items or weapons. At the end of each level, the player receives a bonus score based on the number of prisoners of war released. If the player dies before the end of the level, the count of prisoners of war released resets.

How to Play the Game?

After downloading the game file, extract it and run WinKawaks file. After that go to File and select Load Game. Now click on “Rescan all” from right side of the console. After that you will see the game Metal Slug 3 with NeoGeo system. Click on it and press OK button. The game will be started. Use to following keys to play and control:

F3: To insert Coin
F1: To start Game
Movement: Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys.
Action Buttons: A, S, D, F, X, C

Moreover, you can change them from Game>Redifine Keys> Redifine Keys Player 1. Now you are ready to enjoy the action of Metal Slug 3 game.
(Review by pcfavour)

101 MB.

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