Pool 8 Balls 3D Game Download

Pool 8 Balls 3D Game Download

Free download Pool 8 Balls game for PC. It is awesome 3D billiard game for your computer system. This game is published by MyPlayCity for free. Although Pool 8 Balls is 3D game but it is very light weight. The game is more interesting than Facebook 8 Ball Pool game. The installation process is also very simple and easy. The menu of Pool 8 Balls is very short having play (New Game), load (Saved games) and exit. New game menu has single player, two players and back option. If you want to play alone then your opponent will be computer otherwise you can play Pool 8 Balls with your friend selecting two players’ option.

Pool-8-Balls-3D-Game-screenshotThe gameplay of Pool 8 Balls is very simple and easy. You will enjoy the 3D effect while playing the game and feel playing in real time. You can rotate the view from up to down by dragging your mouse forward and backward. After setting up the hit point at the ball and make left click. Now drag mouse backward to take cue away from white ball. After your desired distance from the ball, stop dragging mouse and press left click again to hit the ball. You can change the view a litter bit up and down anytime by dragging your mouse.

There are some more options for example zooming in and out, views and set the hit point on white ball. For example if your target ball is just near the pool then you have to hit white ball at the bottom point. To set the point you have to make right click and select point option and set the point accordingly. You will see the point option at the left bottom of the screen during the gameplay.

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You can save your game anytime by clicking right click. After click the right mouse button, select menu and then choose save option to save your game. You can play it again anytime by selecting “Load” menu. Pool 8 Balls is really amazing 3D game and you will also enjoy it a lot. (Review by pcfavour)

7.07 MB.

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