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Midnight Club 2 Free Download

Free download Midnight Club 2 PC game. It is first class super racing game which is developed by Rockstart Games. In the game Midnight Club 2, you can enjoy the variety of different races such as Cruise, Circuit, Battle and Career. Although this is demo version but still you can enjoy the race challenge completely with 2 cars and a super bike.

Midnight-Club-2-screenshotMidnight Club 2 is very easy to install and start to play. The menu has some options to start the game such as arcade mode, from which you can start your game, option mode which helps you to change your controller of the game for keyboard. Midnight Club 2 demo version provides you the city of Los Angles only. You can select any car of given two cars and change the color using F1 key.

In circuit mode of Midnight Club 2 game, you have to defeat your opponents in a 3 laps challenge. There are checkpoints with arrows and some dangerous turns. If you feel that you can leave your opponents behind and win the race then you can use nitro using X key from keyboard. The nitro will make your vehicle like a plane.

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The cruise mode is very simple so you can take your car anywhere in the city of Los Angles. There is also a lot of traffic and signals so you can run the car and learn more driving tricks even on the motorway.

The battle mode is a little bit difficult as you have to get flag and survive. You can see the flag mark on the map and try to get it before any of your opponents. If you get it then run your car anywhere to escape it from all other. If any of your opponents will catch you, the flag will be transferred to him.

You can also start a career race from the game menu. This is not the end, you can select superbike to defeat your opponents. If you select the bike, it does not mean that your opponents will also have bikes. They will be still on vehicles. The superbike will make it easy to win the race. I have enjoyed the game a lot, hope you will too. (Review by pcfavour)

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