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Free download Pak Urdu Installer. It is a solution, designed for windows operating system, for those who love to write in Urdu directly. The user, now, can write Urdu not only in any program but also on web easily; e.g. you can update your status on facebook in Urdu. Pak Urdu Installer is modified in phonetics keyboard settings however the users may edit the keyboard settings to change the keys function according to their wish. Another great thing of this tool is that it allows you to install new Urdu fonts in your windows, downloading from internet.

Pak-Urdu-Installer-screenshotBecause it supports Unicode and new Urdu fonts are available on internet in Unicode and all the new Urdu fonts will be usable only when Pak Urdu Installer is installed in your system. You can use all that new fonts in Inpage Professional 3 but, as mentioned before, you must have installed Pak Urdu Installer to make the new fonts usable. Moreover, this tool is also required to run Inpage Professional 3 properly without any problem. Otherwise Inpage Professional 3 will write English instead of Urdu and no font will work. So, this tool is necessary in both purposes; freely writing Urdu anywhere in computer and for properly running Inpage Professional 3 with all fonts working.

You may found its icon in task bar to switch between English-Urdu languages labeled as EN or UR. The user may also use short key to switch between the languages as alt+shift (left keys). To edit settings, just right click on the settings that include three menus as General, Language Bar and Advanced Key Settings.

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You can also add more languages in General Settings clicking on Add button and you will see a list of several languages including Urdu. Pak Urdu Installer is provided absolutely free that is published by PakSign Technologies released on June 30, 2011. (Review by pcfavour)

15.20 MB.

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