Pandora Recovery Download Latest Version

Pandora Recovery Latest Version

Free download Pandora Recovery latest version. It is a free application software to recover your files and folders. Pandora Recovery software is developed by Pandora Corporation. This application easily recover your deleted files and folder with the option to save it your desired location.

Pandora-Recovery-ScreenshotPandora Recovery setup can be installed easily after downloading using the given link below. After installation, you are ready to use this program to recover your deleted file. The main window of this program has three portions. At the left side, it will explore your system drives such and primary, secondary and CD-ROM drives. At the top right side, you will see the files and folders in the selected drive from left side.

You can see the preview of the selected file at the bottom right side. It is recommended to start with wizard. This wizard will help you with step by step guide. For example, if you click on next, it will ask you to check the recycle bin first for your deleted file. If you have already searched then select the second option “No, I did not find my files” and click Next.

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After that, you have to select the drive where you have seen your file last time. On next step, you have to select further options related to your lost file. These are Browse, Search and Deep Scan. For example, you want to browse your hard drive then select the option. Using search option, you can search the file by partial file name, file size, creation date or last accessed date.

The third option is Deep Scan, that will start to scan surface of the drive. You can also find this option at the bottom left side of the program with the name Surface Scan. After collecting files, you will see the deleted files with red cross mark. To recover any file, right click on it and select the option “Recover to” and select the destination path. You file will be recover after some process. (Review by PCFavour)

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