Raiden PC Game Download

Raiden PC Game Free Download

Free download Raiden game for PC. It is an aircraft based arcade game developed for Mame32 platform. Raiden PC game can be played on computer system using the Mame32 emulator. Raiden PC Game is full of action game and you have to defend and attack using your aircraft.

Raiden PC Game Screenshot2Raiden PC Game is light weight and easy to download and play. There is no need to install this game. You need to install the zip folder from the download link given below. After that, extract this folder and you will the game files in the extracted folder. You can play this game without installing any other software. Just start to play by following the method given below.

In Raiden game, you will start the battle with your green look air craft. Move and attack using your action buttons set by you for this game. The default movement keys are arrow keys. Your aircraft will take off from an aircraft carrier war ship. You have to destroy the enemy’s aircraft and tanks.

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You must escape your aircraft from the attack of your enemies. If you hit by a single shot, your aircraft will be lost and your will miss a chance. You will also get some elements to upgrade your attack system. Use button 2 for super attack. If you see and element with P then pick it up hurry. This is a great firing system for your aircraft and cover the front in about 180 degree. But if you miss the chance, you will also lose this firing system. At the end of each stage, you have to destroy huge tank or aircraft.

How to play this game?

Download the compressed file and extract it. Double click on file “Mame32plus”. Now select the game “Raiden” in menu and make a double click on it. Game will start now press OK and then press Enter. You are now ready to play the game.

To set the game controls, press “Tab” button from keyboard and select “Input (this game)”. Now you can check the game play buttons e.g. insert coins for player 1, player 2 etc and button 1, button 2 and button 3 accordingly. By default, you have to press 5 button to insert the coin and 1 button to start with player 1. (Review by pcfavour)

20.4 MB.
Seibu-Kaihatsu Inc

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