Safari Browser for Windows Latest Version

Safari Browser for Windows Latest Version

Download latest version of Safari web browser free. It is an internet web browser developed by Apple Inc. It is included with iOS such as iPhone, iPad, iPod etc and Mac OS X systems. Safari is default browser for all iOS and Mac OS.

Safari-screenshotA Windows version of Safari was released in June 2007 which supported Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later. The current version Safari 5.1.7 was released on May 2012.

This version has a new reader icon for reading articles more easily in a single page. It also loads the page faster and support HTML5. The old features such as tab options on top and cover flow for bookmarked site in the style of iTunes is included too.

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Safari browser has cool options for default new tab. There are two options for new empty tab; top sites, which will show you the top sites in 12 thumbnails, and History, which will show your visited sites in the amazing stylish slides.

Crow Flow enables you to display your bookmarked site in full page with same view you visited it last time. This enables to crawl bookmarked sites quickly to identify your required site.

Safari has enhanced Nitro Engine that increase the Javascript load time 25% more fast as compared to older version. Overall, Safari is a good browser for speed browsing but it supports less plugins as compared to firefox. (Review by pcfavour)

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