Slender’s Woods Horror PC Game

Slender’s Woods Horror PC Game

Free download Slender’s Woods game for PC. It is very interesting horror and adventurous game. This game is developed by GameHitZone Inc. All the game takes place into darkness. The player has a torch (Flashlight) into his hand to see the path.

Slenders-Woods-game-screenshotSlender’s Woods game installation is very easy and simple. After installation, can run and play the game. Before playing or clicking Start Game, you can read about the control option and buttons for this game. Keep all setting default and start the game. The Main Menu of Slender’s Woods game has Play Game and options menus. You can select options and set your own control keys for your keyboard.

There are two game play modes of Slender’s Woods game. 1st one is Story Mode; in which you will find yourself into a house with empty hands. As this is night and there is darkness outside, so you have to get a flashlight. You can search for torch or flashlight into the house and can find it easily into a room just like kitchen. To pick up the flashlight use the left click of mouse. Now you are ready to enter into the Slender’s Woods. In story mode, you have to follow the instructions. Use F key to on/off the flashlight. When you will get out of the house, you cannot get in back. So take your way to the jungle in the light or flashlight. After a little walk you will feel something wrong, so you must turn back to your house. When you will reach your house, you will see steel hurdle in front of your house door. There is also a note at the door. Pick it up using left click of mouse and read the instruction. You will also see a compass at the top right corner of screen. So follow the direction and carry on until you will meet the slender and you will die. So try again and avoid from slender to survive.

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The Page Collecting mode is the second game play of Slender’s Woods. You will find yourself outside and see a page with instruction that you have to collect 6 pages. I suggest taking your way to the left and following the walking path. You will soon get the first page and then the second but keep the Slender in your mind and continue to play. The game size is about 100 MB. You will get the downloader for this game when you complete the downloading. Run it to download the 100 MB setup file of Slender’s Woods game. (Review by pcfavour)

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