Snake Munch Game Download

Snake Munch Game

Download Snake Munch PC game for free. Snake Munch is a classical game with simple graphics. If you love to play snake munch in your smart phone then you would really love to play it at your PC or Laptop. This is just because of its attractive graphics and updated playing method. You can play by rotating it anti clockwise and clockwise. You as a player have control on snake’s movements. As snake eats fruits its size will be increased comparatively.

snake-munch-screenshotLike a good vehicle driver or biker you have to move the snake in a way that it should not hit trees and obstacles shown on your Computer screen. You must take care that snake’s mouth should not touch with its rest of the body. Snake should not strike with obstacles and trees which are bordering your screen while playing. In this way the game will be ended.

If you are afraid of snake, just forget it, because this snake eats only fruits. So, download it and enjoy. Snake is only allowed to eat different kinds of fruits like orange, banana, apple, cherry, strawberry and many other fruits.  There are more than 30 levels in Snake Munch game and each level has higher difficulty level than previous one. You will feel adventurous while playing Snake Munch because of background music.

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Birds’ chirping while playing game, gives real feelings of Jungle which provides inner relaxation to player’s mind. If you are tired or depressed and want to have some fun and comfort, you must try Snake Munch. (Review by PCFavour)

6.22 MB.


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