Street Fighter 2 Game

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Street Fighter 2 Game

Free download Street fighter 2 game for your PC. It is developed by Capcom and it is the version of 1991 famous arcade game. This series started in 80’s and there are number of fans of this game. If you are true lover of fighting game then you’ll definitely know about this game. If you didn’t play this game yet, then what are you waiting for. You have to play this full of action game.

Street-Fighter-2-screenshotIt brings you back in 90’s memories. Street fighter is the most successful series and still it has the same good name in action games.

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Street fighter 2 has very good graphics and has a lot of fun according to your expectations. It has 8 characters which all are original. Background score and sound is good but not the best according to the game and graphics. You can play this game as a single player or in arcade game and you can also challenge your friend for one-to-one fight. The commands of this game are customizable.

When you’ll play alone as a single player then you’ll face your enemies one by one in level fighting. You have some rounds to fight. When you are fighting in arcade mode then you’ll have a lot of opponents around yourself, your aim is to save yourself and defeat them all. This is free game just download it, install it and have a great fighting and journey of fun. (Review by pcfavour)

22.7 MB.

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