Subway Scramble PC Game

Subway Scramble PC Game

Free download Subway Scramble PC game. It is very interesting puzzle game. The game is developed by PlayFirst, Inc in 2005. The mission in this game is to drop passengers in a specific time. There is also some bonuses and tokens which are used further in this game.

Subway-Scramble-screenshotSubway Scramble has two modes; around the world and rush hour. Playing with around the world, you can enter the city of New York only. All other cities are locked which can be unlocked by earning some tokens. The other cities are London, Paris, Moscow and Seoul. You have to earn 15, 30, 60 and 100 tokens to unlock all cities respectively.

First rounds of Around the World mode are very easy and become more puzzling as you advance. The subway tramp has three bogies. Empty tramp shows white windows while if there are passengers then the color will be same as of passengers. The station and passengers have different colors. You have to drop passengers to their matching station for which you will earn points and then tokens. If you drop same color’s passengers at a time (tramp full with same color passengers), then you will earn car bonus which helps you to increase your token. To change the path, you can change the track by clicking on junction. You can move tramp any direction by clicking on the bogie of that side. You have about 5 crash limits. Crash occurs if your tramp encounters with another tramp, end or disconnected track.

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In Rush Hour mode, you have to drop a particular number of passengers in a specific time. So now you can experience yourself by playing this game and check how you are active to make tracks for more than one tramp at same time without any accident. (Review by pcfavour)

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