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Free download TimeBell latest version. It automated computer reminders and many repetitive actions for you. Once created in TimeBell , you never have to worry about them again. What a time saver , the computer remember to have this program up and running , even if you can not be there. TimeBell with reminders and advanced capabilities , makes it simple . The TimeBell program is easy to understand even for someone new to computers will be very easy to start. There’s even a convenient desktop calendar. TimeBell New in this version : – function to enable or disable the execution of the tasks of the ” TimeBell task window ” by clicking the right mouse button on the desired task and choose from the menu to enable or disable .

TimeBell-screenshotCapabilities and settings of TimeBell

At predefined time TimeBell can:

  • open a reminder window with your text (image can even be added to it)
  • start up predefined program or open a file
  • close selected a program
  • open a predefined website
  • switch off monitor, shutdown, put it to sleep or put it to standby mode, change PC user.
  • show window with countdown 1 minute before action with powerPC
  • change the wallpaper of desktop
  • send an email using a predefined e-mail address
  • accompany task by the sound
  • synchronize time with atomic clock

All these tasks can be executed once or periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
All tasks can be performed in any combination, together or separately.

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The number of TimeBell tasks is unlimited.

  • At start up, TimeBell notifies you about any missed tasks.
  • You can view the list of tasks on present day at starting program.
  • If you use multiple computers, you can transfer the data file with all the tasks of TimeBell between them via external storage or through Internet.
  • You can even create TimeBell tasks remotely through Internet.

Customized capabilities of TimeBell.

  • run TimeBell with Windows (is active by default)
  • minimize TimeBell to system tray on start (is not active by default)
  • when TimeBell is run, show window with tasks on current day (is not active by default)
  • In order to see tasks in more detail or edit a task, just double-click on the task with left mouse button to display a window with all the details.
  • speak time every hour (is not active by default)
  • displaying calendar on the desktop (is not active by default)
  • automatically download a tasks from website www.evvasoft.com (is active by default). Delete of downloaded tasks from website (is active by default)
  • windows “stickers” for create your notes
  • function of the address book
  • check update for new version TimeBell (is active by default). Check updates automatically – when startup TimeBell or manually select in menu “Check for Updates now”. For disable this function please select in menu program “Disable automatically check updates”.
  • password to protecting access to TimeBell (is not active by default)
  • countdown 1 minute before action with powerPC (is not active by default)

Setting for the calendar on the desktop:

  • The 24-hours (by default) or the 12- hours AM/PM view by choice
  • Select the day to start week : Monday (by default) or Sunday
  • Skins calendar on the desktop
  • For returning to current date, push button “Today” on calendar
  • Variable transparency is available on the desktop calendar
  • Double-click date on desktop calendar to create new task
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