Typing Master Latest Version

Typing Master Latest Version

Typing-Master-screenshotFree download latest version of TypingMaster Pro. It is typing training software which enables you to improve your typing speed. The software is developed by TypingMaster Inc. A trial version of this software is available for practice.

It is very easy to install and available about in seven languages including English. To start this program, you are required to enter you name. Menu of the program consists of Course, Review, Typing Test, Games, Statistics, Satellite, Settings and Information. There is also a link “Trial Version” which is used to purchase this software online.

Course menu has four steps which are Touch Typing Course, Launch Satellite for Skills Tracking, Speed Building Course and Numbers, Special Marks and 10-Key Pad Courses. Touch Typing Course is the initial course for you to start. This course has twelve different lessons. The duration of this course is about 3 to 5 hours. In this course, you learn how to keep fingers on keyboard and how to use them to type a word. “Launch Satellite for Skills Tracking” tracks your typing and analyzes it on your PC. Speed Building Course is used to increase your confidence and typing speed. In this course, you have to use your each finger and have to type long texts. There are used a lot of common English words to build your speed.

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Fourth step allows you to practice for special characters, numbers and numeric pad practice. After completion all courses, you can test your skill using Typing Test. There are a lot of test, you can select. But all tests are limited to 2 minutes In trial version.

TypingMaster Pro 7 has three games for practice to entertain you as well as train you. With the help of Statistics, you can check your overall progress e.g. Gross Speed and Net Speed which is shown in wpm format by default. From settings menu, you can change sound setting, speed unit and screen size. If you want to change Keyboard Layout, there is also option for it in settings. Overall, TypingMaster Pro 7 is enough to increase you typing speed even if you use trial version. You need to spend some time on it if you want to improve your typing skills, anyhow. (Review by pcfavour)

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