ZipGenius Download Latest Version

ZipGenius Latest Version

Free download ZipGenius latest version. It is free file compression and archiver application software. ZipGenius was developed by Matteo Riso in November 1997. It supports more than 20 file formats. ZipGenius is very easy to install and it is absolutely free.

ZipGenius-downloadInstallation process of ZipGenius will take few minutes. After installing, it will start and you see its menu. The home page of the application program is different from other archiver programs such as WinRAR, 7-Zip and PeaZip. You will see the menus with Home, New.., Open, Close, Add…, Extract, Internet and View options. You can use all these menus for instant access.

In main body of the program, you are asked What do you want to do? From there, you can create new archive, open an archive, extract files from an archive, send an archive via e-mail and check ZipGenius Version. If you are new user then it is a little bit difficult for you to use the program.

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If you have installed ZipGenius then you will see the icon just like this (as shown in figure). When you make a double click on a zip file it will just open the program first time. This is the main fault of the program. You have to browse the compress file you want to open or extract. After that it will work as usual.

Similarly, if you want to create an archive (Zip) file, you have to enter the name of the file first. Then you will browse the folder and proceed it to make archive. You can also make your file password protected. To set a password on your file, create a file with name, then select Main Settings from Compression options. From there you can set a password for the file. Creating an archive and extracting from an archive features work as usual and take same time as other. (Review by pcfavour)

Standard Edition

8.58 MB (Standard Edition)

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