WWE RAW Wrestling Game

WWE RAW Wrestling Game

Free download WWE RAW Wrestling game. It is PC game for wrestling fans. This game is exactly the same as you see on WWE wrestling match. WWE RAW pc game is developed by THQ. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and mobile phones. The very similar game is Wrestling Revolution game.

WWE RAWWWE RAW game for PC has three modes to play; Exhibition, Title Match and King of the Ring. Title Match and King of the Ring modes are not available in Demo version. You can play only Exhibition match in this demo version for unlimited time.

WWE RAW exhibition match mode has four modes within which are 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 Tag Team Match, 2 vs. 2 Tornado Match and  Triple Threat Match. Because it is a demo version to try, so you can select only 1 vs. 1 Match. Use ‘S’ key to assign your player. Press ‘S’ again and then you have to set game rules. From there you can change Game Form from Normal to Hard, increase or decrease the game time. By default the time is set to 30min. You can set also the Count Out Time which is set to 20count by default. This time will be counted when your player will be thrown out from the ring. Similarly, you can on or off Pin, Submit, Rope Break, DQ and Interference.

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How to proceed to next in WWE RAW game?

If you want to proceed to the next process then press ‘S’ key. Now it’s time to select your player. In demo mode there are only two players; The Rock and Kane. You can select your player by pressing up and down arrow keys. Press ‘S’ key to continue and the wrestling match will begin.

The starting process of wrestling match is same as original match. Now your player will make an entry according to his official style. He walks to the ring. Then you opponent will proceed to the ring. The match will start and you have to defeat your opponent. You have to use A, S, D, F and Space bar to fight. All fighting styles of the players are real in this game. You will obviously enjoy the fight even in demo version. (Review by pcfavour)

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