Free MP3 Cutter and Editor Download Latest

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor Latest

Download Free MP3 Cutter and Editor latest version portable. It is a free application software for MP3 files. These files may be some music, song, voice or recording. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor not only cuts the MP3 files but also can edit the existing MP3 files. It is very easy to use Free MP3 Cutter and Editor. There is no extra skills are required to use this program. You can simply add the MP3 file or song you want to cut or edit. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is very light weight.

Free-MP3-Cutter-and-Editor-screenshot-downloadYou can download and install this application program from the download link given below. It will take few seconds to install on your PC. After installation, run the program and then you are ready to cut or edit your MP3 files or songs. The top menu contains Open, Save, Play, Pause, Stop, Set Start, Set End, Select All, Deselect options. Open menu is used to open the MP3 file. Save option will be used after editing the file. There is no need to create a duplicate of the file before editing. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor always use Save As function to save a file.

Play button will start to play the MP3 file. You can pause or stop the file using appropriate button. If you want to edit a specific part of the file, you can select it using Set Start and Set End button. You can also select any part using your mouse. After setting the start and end, you can delete the selected part, fade in or fade out and increase the volume. You can also delete the Unselected part. You can convert the file into Mono or Stereo with the help of a single button. All these buttons are available at the bottom of the program.

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If you do not know about Fade In and Fade out, then fade out feature will start to decrease the volume at the end of the song while fade in will start the song or audio with slow volume and continuously increase it with the time. Remember that, Free MP3 Cutter and Editor does not support undo. (Review by pcfavour)

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